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A man in a pensive pose with his head down and hands together on his lap against a cityscape with cars and people rushing through a crowded street.

What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Depression?

Dealing with depression is hardly an easy journey, and it’s not one that you should take on alone. Trying to cure your symptoms without expert help is a recipe for relapse, but talking with your...

A person wearing a green t-shirt and bright yellow jacket holding a framed drawing of a frowning face in front of their own face.

Understanding How Depression Impacts Friendships

Depression has a way of seeping into every aspect of our lives. Since the symptoms of depression include a lack of energy, and a drain on your enthusiasm, there’s no wonder that depression can take...

A cutout of a persons head in white construction paper with flowers coming out of the top of it against a pastel green background.

7 Activities to Ease Depression Recovery

7 Activities to Ease Depression Recovery

Depression is draining and challenging for the 6.2 million Americans that suffer with it. Taking time out for yourself is essential. Learn 7 activities to...

A man with dark hair and eyes looking out the window in contemplation.

Don’t Let Depression Lead to Isolation

Depression: it’s like a deep hole, and just when you think you’ve hit bottom, you fall some more. Don’t let depression lead to isolation; it is important to know when you are feeling these effects...

A silhouette of a person walking toward a field where birds fly overhead in front of a bright sunrise with blue skies in the distance.

Use Mindfulness to Increase Joy in Your Life

A Tool for Mental Health

Did you know that you can use mindfulness to increase joy in your life? For many people, family dynamics cause a good deal of stress. Therefore it is important to find ways...

A person sitting outside looking over a landscape with water and white clouds with a cup of coffee in their hands.

Understanding Situational Depression

What is Situational Depression?

Our lives trigger all kinds of emotions. We know that life will throw painful experiences our way, therefore understanding situational depression is important.

The shadow of a person in a yoga position looking out over a mountain range and the morning sun.

Alleviate Stress by Practicing Yoga

While experiencing some stress in your life is to be expected. It’s crucial that you do not fall into the habit of downplaying the stress you feel. You can alleviate stress by practicing yoga. Yoga...