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Working with Real Life

The next step on your career journey!

Real Life Counseling (RLC) seeks to provide caring, competent, and consistent support to both our clients and our counselors.  Our Clinic is designed by counselors - for counselors - to assist them in growing their practice opportunties, competencies, receive invested training and ongoing support as they meet the needs of those they help.  We desire to see lives changed - both in those whom we partner with in providing services and in the lives of those providing them.  

RLC, and it's sister company Real Life Community Behavioral Health (RLCBH), has a vision and structure that any clinician, regardless of what phase in their journey they are in, can find an opportunity to begin their practice with us and do so in both a financially and work fulfilling way.  We have designed a "career pathway" that includes positions for intern clinicians, associate licensed clinicians, fully licensed clinicians and even Clinical Supervisors.    At the heart of RLC, it was structured around a vision to be a place to empower a clinician to obtain both their personal goals around finances and independence while being free to do the work they feel called or led to do.   This same vision goes for our team of administrative staff as we have developed a similar pathway of growth, opportunity and advancement. 

Another large part of the vision for both RLC and it's sister company is to create and maintain a work culture clinicians and our team of administrative staff can enjoy and feel respectfully supported.    We recognize that often there are three primary components that make a person "want" to work in a place; Role, Benefits/Pay and the work environment or culture.  Culture is driven by values so we have purposefully, and with care, invested in walking out our values such as; being strength based in our communication; being transparent about our business practices and processes; seeking to take an approach of humility and support with an upside down posture to leadership where our leaders seek to support and serve those they supervise; treat each other with unconditional positive regard; create space for individuals strengths and passions and many more.  

For RLC, it houses our team of 1099 Independent Contractor Clinicians.  This role is for fully licensed individuals who have displayed competencies in providing ethically and legally sound services within their practice.  RLC also has both an intern program and opportunity for licensed providers who would like to try their hand in providing clinical supervision to our large host of intern providers.  For our sister company RLCBH, we have employment based positions and it specializes in new graduates looking at starting their practice while providing them lots of supervision, support and training toward becoming fully licensed, independent confident and competence counselors.  RLCBH also has employment based Clinical Supervisor opportunities.  Both companies serve to provide a host of opportunity for any clinician or administrative staff looking for a supportive place to either start, grow in or take a next step in their career journey. 

Career Journeys at Real Life

At Real Life Counseling and Real Life Community Behavioral Health, we are proud to offer a variety of enriching career paths for those passionate about making a difference in the field of mental health. Whether you're an intern, a full-time or part-time licensed clinician, an associate clinician, an office manager, or a referral coordinator, we provide unique opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Our team members enjoy a supportive environment that fosters learning, development, and the chance to contribute meaningfully to our communities.


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The Real Life Counseling Career Journey

RLC Internship Intern Icon

Are you a student looking for a site to complete your Internship or Practicum hours?  RLC and it's sister company RLCBH provide a supportive place with plenty of referrals to complete both your internship hour needs and get experience working in the mental health field.  Our Intern Director, Dr. Melinda Johnson, has established internship relationships with several schools in the greater Portland/Vancouver area and can support connecting you to our team of licensed supervisors.  As an intern clinician with us, you'll gain hands-on experience in a nurturing environment that values learning and growth. RLC also supports our host of intern clinicians with employment opportunities at graduation and can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether RLC (or it's sister company RLCBH) would be a good fit as your first step into starting your counseling career.  

RLCBH Associate Licensed AssociateLicensed

As an Associate Licensed clinician at RLC and our sister company of RLCBH, you stand at the threshold of an impactful career and wonderful opportunity. Our vision for new graduates is to provide them a reliable and supportive place to grow in their practice toward becoming independent licensed competent and confident counselors.  As counselors ourselves, we know what it's like to start out and have designed a program that makes getting started easy.  We also seek to help each clinician in obtaining their license through free licensure supervision, training and clinical supervision.  RLCBH also has a Behavioral Health Agency license and is an approved HRSA site for the Federal Loan Reimbursement Program, along with being an approved site for the Washington Health Corps Student Loan Reimbursement Program.  These programs are available to qualifying RLCBH employees to apply for annually.  You can view the RLCBH employment opportunities via its own website at:

RLC Licensed 1099 Licensed 1099

Join RLC as a Licensed 1099 Independent Contract Clinician and enjoy the freedom to contribute to mental health in a way that suits your professional & personal goals. As a 1099 Clinician, we seek to support all the administrative needs a clinical practice requires in order to provide quality mental health support.  From providing you referrals and getting you credentialed with our host of insurances, we make accessing a desired caseload easy.  We also complete your billing while providing you access to our reliable and organized EHR system that is structured and automated to align with state, federal, legal and ethical guidelines required to do this work, keep you organized and minimize headaches around billing barriers.  The goal for RLC is to set things up in a way that allows you to jump right into the work you love to do with the security that you'll also get paid for it. 

RLC Intern Supervisor Intern Supervisor

If you're a licensed clinician on our team and you have a heart or vision to expand your career into the training field, we have opportunity for you!  Take on the role of Intern Supervisor with us and shape the future of mental health care. In this vital position, you'll guide and support interns, imparting your knowledge and experience to help them grow into skilled professionals. At Real Life Counseling and Real Life Community Behavioral Health, we value the role of mentorship in our supportive environment, offering a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of the next generation while enhancing your own leadership and supervisory skills. 

RLCBH Clinical Supervisor Clinical Supervisor

As a Clinical Supervisor with our sister company, RLCBH,  your expertise and leadership are key to our mission of delivering exceptional mental health services that train up newly graduated clinicians.  The vision of RLCBH is support new clinicians in their licensure process, providing them the support, supervision, training and experience that allows them to become independent, licensed, competent and confident clinicians that can take their own next step with us as a Licensed 1099 Clinician or be ready to branch out on their own with their own business.  RLCBH also has a Behavioral Health Agency license and is an approved HRSA site for the Federal Loan Reimbursement Program, along with being an approved site for the Washington Health Corps Student Loan Reimbursement Program.  These programs are available to qualifying RLCBH employees to apply for annually.  You can review the job description for RLCBH Clinic Supervisors here:

RLC Administrative Staff Admin

In the administrative team at Real Life Counseling and Real Life Community Behavioral Health, you are the backbone that supports our mission to improve mental health care. Your role is crucial in facilitating the smooth operation of our services, ensuring that both our team and the individuals we help can achieve their best outcomes.  RLC has a vision of providing a "foot in the door" opportunity to someone either new to the work force or new to working in mental health services.  We also seek to provide our admin team the opportunity to obtain new skills, explore and utilize individual passions/strengths & skill sets and then create a pathway of advancement within our company.  Our vision is to create individually customized career goals and trajectories, just like we do with our clinical team, so that all our administrative staff receive career enhancement training and opportunity that empowers them in their own career journey.  

Our Values

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We invest in people, not programs

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RLC Internship Program

Real Life Counseling is a private practice in Clark County, WA. It provides mental health outpatient therapy in a private practice setting, utilizing in-office and tele-health/virtual services. We...

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