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A smiling person with brown curly hair wearing a beige sweater against a ivory background.

6 Anger Management Activities For a Happier Life

The same way even the grouchiest people smile sometimes, everyone gets mad on occasion. And in small doses, according to experts like Therapist Aid, anger is both normal and healthy, an emotion that...

A man wearing a blue shirt with his hand on his chest during an anxiety attack outdoors.

Minimizing Anxiety Attack Impact

It is quite natural to experience anxiety when you experience stress in your life. While occasional feelings of anxiety are to be expected, for many people, the symptoms of anxiety, or the...

A person sitting on the dock of a lake crying with their head on their knees at sunset.

Understanding the 4 Emotional Stages of Anger

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences. In fact, it can be a healthy barometer of something that needs to change in your life, or an indication of a relationship issue that needs addressed....

A counselor wearing glasses with their hand on a persons shoulder in a counseling setting

Anxiety Help – 5 Ways to Feel Better

A little anxiety keeps us from doing ridiculous things, like kayaking over waterfalls or drinking milk two weeks past the expiration. And despite the cute idea to envision the whole audience in their...

A man with dark hair and eyes looking out the window in contemplation.

7 Ways for Coping with Depression

Depression takes its toll on every part of life. It’s not something that can be turned off and on. We understand that your depressive symptoms will not immediately vanish as soon as you begin...