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The Effects of Depression & the Impact on Your Life

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Depression – The Impact on Your Life

The effects of depression and the impact on your life is real and nothing to be ashamed of. When you are depressed, life can feel dull and bleak. Colors that are normally bright and reassuring lose their luster. In addition to seeking help from a counselor, often times we need to understand the impacts of depression and some tools to help when we are stuck. 

Tool #1 – Depression & Relationships

Depression can impact our relationship, most likely our partner. For both men and women, connecting with a partner through intimacy can be challenging – even more so when we are depressed. Shutting down emotionally, fighting about insignificant things are typically a byproduct of depression. Be aware of this and talk openly with your mate.

Tool #2 – Depression & Work

The effects of depression go beyond your home life and can become a problem at work. According to Mental Health America, depression is one of the top three problems employee assistance professionals face in the workplace. Depression depletes your energy, making work of any kind more of an effort.

To combat low energy and enthusiasm, pre-plan the night before work. Set small goals for yourself and work those into your preplanning. For example, find your favorite planner or phone app. First, if you like using a physical journal, try your hand at “Bullet Journaling”. This is a simple system and a great tool to check out. Second, if a digital calendar suits your style, use Google Calendar or on iPhone, try iCal. Both apps are are available for free.

Tool #3 – Depression & Friendships

The effects of depression & the impact on your life trickle into our friendships as well. Just like our romantic relationships, if we don’t pay attention, our connection weakens. Friends are a #1 part of having a support system when dealing with depression. In order to have deep friendships, we have to be vulnerable. That means opening up when you are hurting and at least starting to share how depression is impacting you. In order to not isolate, use the pre-planning method above for keeping track of your times to connect with friends. Again, use your phone as a wellness tool and preprogram future reminders to proactively reach out to friends you love. In most cases your friends want to support you, but don’t want to intrude. Open up and you might be surprised at the amount of support your friends can lend. 

Tool #4 – Don’t Struggle Alone

Depression generates such an ongoing series of failures, disappointments, and guilt,you might find it hard to rally yourself to live life. But don’t let your fears take the wheel. With the support of your loved ones, the aid of therapy and medication, and a firm belief in yourself, you can recover from depression.      

Real Life Counseling is your first step towards a depression-free life. Our counseling services will help you identify and treat your symptoms of depression, supporting you through the effects of depression & the impact on your life. Contact us to find more information about what we can do for you.