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Anger Management Counseling – Is it Right for Me?

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Anger Managment Counseling is Healthy

Feeling anger is normal and healthy. Yet, good anger management is important to living a happy life. But, how much anger is healthy and when does it become toxic? At what point should you ask yourself, “Is anger management counseling right for me? ” Our emotions can fluctuate drastically, especially in stressful times. If bouts of anger are impacting key relationships, then anger management counseling is at least worth investigating.

Blocking Emotions Feeds Anger

According to the Journal of Medicine and Life, effective anger management is a key trait for high performers. They also state that consistent anger and stress levels can cause an increased risk of coronary heart disease, bulimic behavior, diabetes, and even dangerous driving linked to increased road accidents.

Blocking out or pushing down strong feelings like anger only works for so long. These feelings will leak out and erode the relationships that are most important to us. As human beings, we need help. It’s in our very nature to connect, love, and engage with other humans.

Take a Real Look at Your Anger

Anger comes in different forms and is not always easily identified. Life is so busy that it’s easy to put our angry energy into work, workouts and even more destructive behaviors. Everyone is different – each person is unique in how they deal with their anger. This process takes real self-awareness and being honest with yourself.

For example, perhaps your anger is outward, often directed at friends or family over even the slightest trigger. Or maybe you consider yourself more of a pressure-cooker, so to speak. Constantly seething and keeping it in, only to one day blow up uncontrollably, and regretfully.

Unsure if anger management counseling is the right path for you? Or whether you fit these labels? Take a look at these all-too-common symptoms, and if you do identify with several of them, please take note and consider your situation:

  1. Friends and family have spoken to you about your anger problem, and have distanced themselves from you because of it
  2. I feel angry most of the day.
  3. Holding grudges is easy, I often think about revenge.
  4. Consistently, I find that I don’t get along with my co-workers, I see a pattern.
  5. When I feel angry, I get a rise of anger and want to act out aggressively.
  6. Happy Hour with friends has turned into angry arguments or has even caused me to get kicked out of a bar.

Anger Management Counseling Benefits:

There are proven, scientific benefits to taking care of your mental health. A few of which include:

Clarity and Focus

In the heat of the moment, it feels almost impossible to control ourselves. Feelings can overwhelm us, and cloud our judgment, leading to regret and self-loathing due to the hurt we inflict upon our loved ones. Anger management counseling can diffuse this, bringing a quieter, more calm mind at the moment that your emotions become too intense. 

Fewer Arguments

In the same way, anger management classes can provide a more focused mind for decision making, a positive side-effect of that is a decrease in the need to push-back, or argue. Managing your emotions with a professional will allow you to see your anger when it arises, and nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

Healthier Relationships

Many who seek help with anger can relate to the idea of damaged relationships. A qualified professional may not mend that damage, however, they can help to bring about peace to the situation, and decrease self-torment. 

Peace of Mind

Fewer conflicts, healthier relationships, and a more focused attitude in the heat of the moment. All of these will lead to a quieter mind, free from the need for conflict and tension. Resulting in a more peaceful life throughout your days.

Find Relief in Counseling

An empathetic and true professional counselor is looking to help their clients bring about real change. Therefore, you should expect to feel comfortable, at ease, and completely free to open up at your discretion. As well as a non-judgmental environment, quality counseling should inspire, and kick-start the seeds of change within.

Wondering where you can find a great group of the best and well-qualified anger management counselors? The professionals at Real Life Counseling can help with your Anger Management Counseling journey.  We are located in Vancouver, Washington and are very accessible to Oregon residents as well. If you wish to get started on a new, brighter life, please contact us today.