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Posts about Depression Issues:

A person with dark curly hair holding a mobile device and sitting near a wall covered in graffiti.

Depression and its Impact On Our Friendships

Depression has a way of seeping into every aspect of our lives. In short, depression can impact our friendships. Since the symptoms of depression include a lack of energy, a drain on your enthusiasm,...

A counselor wearing glasses with their hand on a persons shoulder in a counseling setting.

Clinical Depression, What is It?

When you are feeling blue, nothing is satisfying. But how blue equals depressed? At what time do you need to seek help? You may ask yourself, “What is clinical depression?” There are signs to find...

A man in a pensive pose with his head down and hands together on his lap against a cityscape with cars and people rushing through a crowded street.

What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Depression?

Dealing with depression is hardly an easy journey, and it’s not one that you should take on alone. Trying to cure your symptoms without expert help is a recipe for relapse, but talking with your...