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Posts about Depression Issues (4):

A closeup view of a bright blue outdoor staircase with a person with orange sneakers running up.

Maximizing Change

We make hundreds of decisions every day. Many of them have become so habitual, we don’t even think of them as decisions. This can be a great thing, such as when we form healthy habits that improve...

A person wearing a dark jacket holding their hands out while holding a lightbulb full of bright lights.

Challenge Your Stinkin' Thinkin'

“I’m too fat.” “I’m stupid. I’m never going to pass this test.” “Nobody likes me.” “I’ll embarrass myself if I try.” “I’m a failure.” “I’m too ugly. Nobody’s ever going to like me.”

A closeup of a mobile device with various colorful apps installed against a black screen.

The Power of Words

Words can be taken for granted in an age where technology allows us to publicize our thoughts instantly. Even the most extraordinary comments eventually fade into the endless stream of other posts....

A person wearing a baseball cap looking out over a cityscape at sunset.

Mild Depression: No Small Task

Chronic unemployment, a divorce in the family, having a difficult childhood—these are examples of events or contexts that can lead to a type of depression known as minor depression, or persistent...

A woman staring out the window with her closed hand over her mouth with a sad expression.

Depression : An Overview

“I am feeling down”, is feeling sad different from depression? We all have hard days, we all feel down sometimes, but individuals that have experienced depression understand that it’s very different...

A woman lying in bed crying with a gray pillow.

Women and Depression

Depression is a leading reason women seek counseling.  Women are twice as likely to have depression, and symptoms of depression, as men of the same age.*