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Posts about Family Issues:

A small child with dark hair and eyes smiling with their hand up against a backdrop of a cityscape seen through a large window

How Does Co-Parenting Counseling Work?

Parenting isn’t easy, especially if you are in a co-parenting situation. It can be difficult to effectively communicate with a previous partner about your child’s wellbeing without letting emotions...

The silhouette of a person jumping with joy against a blue sky at sunset in a field

What is Positive Psychology?

What is positive psychology and what does it mean for me? Positive psychology is the study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities and organizations to thrive.”

Understanding the Process of Grief

The inevitable truth that we all learn throughout life is that every living thing must die. While this is a recognized fact, understanding grief can be hard for most of us. The truth is that we will...

A counselor wearing glasses with their hand on a persons shoulder in a counseling setting.

Clinical Depression, What is It?

When you are feeling blue, nothing is satisfying. But how blue equals depressed? At what time do you need to seek help? You may ask yourself, “What is clinical depression?” There are signs to find...

A silhouette of a person walking toward a field where birds fly overhead in front of a bright sunrise with blue skies in the distance.

Use Mindfulness to Increase Joy in Your Life

A Tool for Mental Health

Did you know that you can use mindfulness to increase joy in your life? For many people, family dynamics cause a good deal of stress. Therefore it is important to find ways...

Two people hold hand in a blurred background while a persons hands holding a pencil and clipboard are clear in the forefront

3 Tough Stepfamily Challenges to Overcome

My wife and I work with remarried couples as counselor and coach. At the beginning of our work with stepcouples, we create a map of the family system. Often we hear, “I bet you’ve never seen this big...

Two parents smiling with their children on their laps talking to a counselor in a therapy setting.

Parent Goal Setting Makes Better Parents

I’ll remain calm at all times. School lunch boxes will contain only organic food. There will be less Minecraft and more actual craft. I’m not going to react (next time) when my son chases the cat...