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Posts about Anxiety Issues:

An visual art rendition of the silhouette of a person with their head down with balled up pieces of gray paper coming out of the top of the head.

Environment Matters When it Comes to Anxiety

Anxiety & Your Environment

Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults each year. Yet only 36.9 percent of people living with...

A person facing away from the camera toward snow-capped mountains to regulate anxiety.

Your 9-Step Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

With 260 million people across the globe suffering from anxiety disorders, overcoming anxiety has become a top goal for anxiety sufferers and mental health counselors alike. Fortunately, there are...

The shadow of a person in a yoga position looking out over a mountain range and the morning sun.

Alleviate Stress by Practicing Yoga

While experiencing some stress in your life is to be expected. It’s crucial that you do not fall into the habit of downplaying the stress you feel. You can alleviate stress by practicing yoga. Yoga...

A man wearing a blue shirt with his hand on his chest during an anxiety attack outdoors.

Minimizing Anxiety Attack Impact

It is quite natural to experience anxiety when you experience stress in your life. While occasional feelings of anxiety are to be expected, for many people, the symptoms of anxiety, or the...

A counselor wearing glasses with their hand on a persons shoulder in a counseling setting

Anxiety Help – 5 Ways to Feel Better

A little anxiety keeps us from doing ridiculous things, like kayaking over waterfalls or drinking milk two weeks past the expiration. And despite the cute idea to envision the whole audience in their...