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Sabrina Johnson, LICSWA

photo of Sabrina Johnson, LICSWA

Sabrina Johnson, LICSWA



Hello, I’m Sabrina Johnson and currently hold a license as an Independent Clinical Social Worker 
Associate in the state of Washington. I obtained my Master of Social Work (2022) from Eastern Washington University, 
Washington. Over the last decade, I have worked with individuals struggling with substance use, homelessness, poverty, 
mental health stability, and integration back into the community after incarceration. My professional experiences 
working with individuals with a variety of backgrounds has greatly impacted my development as a social worker and 
has made me a well-rounded clinician. I have found great passion in my work and empathy towards those I work 
alongside with. I strive to create a space that is welcoming, safe, and respectful.

I am EMDR trained and utilize that within my therapeutic approach. I view counseling as a collaborative effort to help 
individuals recognize their strengths, identify needs, understand conflicts, discover new options, set personal 
development goals, and make informed choices that are congruent with their values. I value the impact that counseling 
has had on my life and journey. I’m looking forward to working with you to find healing and improved wellness, and 
creating a life you picture that is empowering and meaningful. 

Areas Of Focus

My focus is helping individuals ages 18 and older on a variety of issues including grief/loss,  depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+, trauma, peer struggles, employment-related, career counseling, professional burnout, life adjustments, life transitions, adjustment disorder, relationship issues, relationship trauma, and coping skills.   My approach to therapy incorporates strengths-based, person-centered, solution-focused, EMDR, MI, ACT, and CBT. (Currently Telehealth Only)


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