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Bethany Benjamin, LICSW

photo of Bethany Benjamin, LICSW

Bethany Benjamin, LICSW



I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in the state of Washington. Looking for a therapist can feel overwhelming, especially when you are facing other challenges. As a therapist, my style is laid-back, warm, and compassionate. I believe in treating all humans with respect, acceptance, and understanding. I have over 6 years of experience working as an individual therapist. I have collaborated with clients on a wide range of issues including overcoming traumatic events, anger, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, family challenges, parenting problems, life transitions, and career concerns. 

My therapeutic approach has a foundation in humanistic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and incorporates many other therapies/theories including acceptance and commitment therapy, interpersonal therapy, systems theory, and attachment theory. I believe drawing from many different therapies and theories allows me to personalize the therapeutic experience for each unique individual. 

Most people find the idea of meeting a new therapist intimidating or anxiety provoking. If you are feeling hesitant, this is common! You are welcome to show up just as you are, and I will meet you to help you with the challenges you are facing. You don't have to deal with difficult emotions alone. I would be honored to sit with you as you move through healing and emerge on the other side of pain. I look forward to meeting with you! 

Areas Of Focus

Women only, transgender and non-binary persons. Depression, Anxiety, Attachment PTSD, Anger Managment, Trauma, Grief/Loss, Relationship Issues, Family Challenges, Parenting Problems, Life Transitions, Career Concerns, Young Women Reproductive Mental Health PPD ; CBT, IPT


East Vancouver and Telehealth
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