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Cheryl Wilson, LMHC

photo of Cheryl Wilson, LMHC

Cheryl Wilson, LMHC



As a licensed therapist in both Washington and Arizona state I have had the privilege of helping clients who are seeking support and guidance over the past decade. My experience includes helping children, families, couples, and individuals. 
I am passionate about working with clients who have experienced grief and loss around relationships, illness and life transitions. As someone who has experienced my own grief and loss I understand that we as individuals need space, empathy and support from others. I honor your experience and will partner with you on your journey toward healing. I believe that from loss can come renewed strength and hope. You are supported in a safe and nonjudgmental space with me. Through pain can come great clarity around your priorities, goals and what is most important to you. You will discover how you have survived and can thrive moving forward.

As a therapist trained in EMDR and trauma focused modalities I provide an individualized approach to each client based on their unique experiences and goals. I want to know your story and what will best help you. I will gain insight around how your culture, relationships and life experiences have shaped who you are. Then we make a plan to move forward.
I appreciate your choice to seek help and invite you to contact me. I encourage you to ask questions and to tell me what you are wanting in therapy. I provide online sessions so I can meet you where you are most comfortable.

Areas Of Focus

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, complex trauma, first responders, grief and loss, sexual abuse, domestic violence, religious trauma. EMDR, CBT, DBT


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