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Team Success: Let Our Team Help Your Team Win!

Human hands interlocked to symbolize a romantic partnership that works.

Playing sports like basketball on the hardwood to hockey on slippery ice, the competition between teams is all about winning. Both team sports are fast-paced. Players get bumped around and crash into one another. It reminds me of another team sport, marriage, and long-term relationships.  People get jolted and slam into one another’s emotion and desires all the time.

Relationship teams, marriage, for instance, are no different than if you were playing in the NFL or NBA – they win as a team or lose as a team.   What makes the difference for any team is unity, respect, flexibility and of course love!

Foundations of Team Success

Sweat and grit are what it takes to form a strong foundation of a team. Another component of team success is that each team member loves and cares about the other. They give themselves their best. In the tension of any contest, teammates need to have each other’s back. When watching out for each other, wins happen, and the celebration can be shared.

Our team consists of a Counselor and a Life Coach who collaborate to help your team succeed. If you win we win! Your team consists of you and your spouse. Learning each other’s style and temperament is a priority in facing the challenges of daily life.  How well do you listen?  Seriously, really listening can be as difficult as scoring against the toughest defense in the NFL.  Without skills and practice, you may gain some ground but never really be satisfied with your progress.  It’s not just about communicating. We bring it down to the heart level. That’s where life happens. That’s where connection happens. That’s where the “ah ha” lightbulb moments happen.

Collaborative Model

That is where our team model and share what we’ve learned.  Our goal is to introduce new tools that will impact your relationship, uncover stumbling blocks or offer encouragement when there are injuries that are hindering your efforts.   We build an alliance with your team so the coaching and counseling process is safe.

Our clients get the benefit of a wife and husband team that have dedicated themselves to learning and practicing reliable relationship skills.  Your team receives instruction and materials from a counselor and a coach’s perspective.  What we have experienced in working with couples with this “one-two punch” approach, is that scrambled up pasts can be addressed with a counselor and for the here and now, the coach can inspire adjustments.

What to Expect

During our sessions, a mixture of healing old wounds and discovering new goals and is our aim.  Once old wounds are addressed and worked through, they can actually bring safety and bonding that you long for in your relationship.  Goals and objectives can have a chance to be achieved when you learn proven skills that you can put to work immediately.

The key factor to any team’s success is that “they” work and practice fundamentals until they master patterns and concepts that get results.  Commitment and hope make for a winning combination.  Our team will bring that dynamic so your team will gain self-sustaining hope and commitment of its own.