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Posts about Grief and Loss Issues:

A person with dark curly hair looks out of a window.

The Five Stages of Grief & How to Navigate Them

Grief can leave many people feeling isolated and alone. But the truth is, we will all feel grief’s touch at one point or another in our life. Navigating grief is part of life, but the five stages of...

Understanding the Process of Grief

The inevitable truth that we all learn throughout life is that every living thing must die. While this is a recognized fact, understanding grief can be hard for most of us. The truth is that we will...

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Maximizing Change

We make hundreds of decisions every day. Many of them have become so habitual, we don’t even think of them as decisions. This can be a great thing, such as when we form healthy habits that improve...

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The Power of Words

Words can be taken for granted in an age where technology allows us to publicize our thoughts instantly. Even the most extraordinary comments eventually fade into the endless stream of other posts....

A man sitting high up above a busy street with people and cars in view. He sits with his head bowed and his hands clasped between his knees.

Understanding Grief

“Mourning a major bereavement is a personal process with no set formula or absolute ending. It is not a finite process but a lifelong adjustment to a world without the deceased person.” -Smith, S....

A view over a man's shoulder of people walking through a common area outside as he sits with is head bowed.

Grief Recovery

Grief (noun)- Definition as defined by Merriam- Webster Dictionary: