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Yiran Ma

photo of Yiran Ma, Intern

Yiran Ma, Intern

Clinical Intern

Intern Supervisor: Cachelle Cronin


I am currently a 3rd-year graduate student at Oregon State University, enrolled in the master’s 
In the clinical mental health counseling program. I have been practicing at Real Life since June 2023. I identify as a person of color, an immigrant with a mixed cultural background, and aim to provide services in English and Mandarin Chinese to clients’ needs. I believe that we are all born with tools that can help us navigate through our life, sometimes not all tools are visible to us when we get caught up in the busyness. My goal as a counselor is to assist you in reorganizing your toolbox through collaborative work. This can be done by helping clarify your needs, understand conflicts, and identify your core values, cultural identities, and personal strengths through a person-centered approach. I look forward to supporting you as you move towards your goals to regain a sense of empowerment and fulfillment in your life.

Areas Of Focus

Anxiety, Sleep Disorders/Struggles, Racial Idendtity struggles, Chronic Pain/Illness, Domestic Violence, Trauma, Blended Family, Crisis/Emergency Responders, Career Counseling, Depression, Womans Issues, Language: Mandarin & English ; Attachment Based, PCT (Person Centered), CBT


East Vancouver and Telehealth
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