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Robin Sarkissian

photo of Robin Sarkissian, Intern

Robin Sarkissian, Intern

Clinical Intern

Intern Supervisor: Mark Medina


Robin is an unwavering, dedicated, and empathetic clinical social work intern at Real Life Counseling.
Using a client-centered approach, she actively supports individuals in cultivating coping mechanisms for
navigating life's unique challenges. Recognizing that many have to confront profound emotional
experiences leading to grief, loss, anxiety, and trauma, Robin adeptly steers clients towards healing
through her reflective and empathetic listening and insightful guidance.
Understanding that the counseling journey can be anxiety-inducing, Robin skillfully fosters a sense of
ease by establishing rapport and trust. Her commitment lies in creating a space where clients feel secure
and empowered to embrace vulnerability during sessions. Drawing from a rich tapestry of life
experiences, Robin tailors her approach to assist others, meeting them exactly where they are. Through
innovative modalities such as mindfulness, somatics, and integrative care, she facilitates the strengthening
of the connection between the body and mind.
In the face of life's inevitable challenges, Robin remains steadfast in her belief that amidst suffering,
moments of peace and joy can still be discovered. She sees children, teens, and adults of all backgrounds.
Education and Affiliations
Robin is a Master of Social Work candidate 2024 at Portland State University, where her academic
journey seamlessly intertwines with hands-on experiences in clinical settings. Her coursework forms a
robust foundation in therapeutic interventions, assessment techniques, and diagnosis, equipping her with
the expertise necessary to effectively meet the diverse needs of clients. Within her internship at RLC,
Robin works under the guidance of licensed clinical social workers. Her responsibilities extend to
conducting assessments and collaboratively participating in multidisciplinary teams to formulate
comprehensive treatment plans, further enhancing her practical skills and knowledge.
Beyond her academic and clinical pursuits, Robin is part of the social work community as a proud
member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). This affiliation serves as a platform for
her to stay abreast of the latest research, ethical standards, and best practices in the dynamic field of
clinical social work. Additionally, her memberships in the Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, and Phi
Kappa Phi academic honor societies underscore her commitment to excellence in both scholarship and
professional development.

Areas Of Focus

Substance Use Disorder, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, LGBTQ+, Sleep Disorders/Struggles, Gambling Addictions, Developmental Delay, Trauma, Blended Family, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Depression, Eating Disorder, Grief/Loss, TBI, Personality Disorder, Chronic Pain/Illness, Body Dysmorphia, Peer Struggles, Domestic Violence, Pre-Marital, Employment Related, Career Counseling, Gender, Disociative Disorder, Womans Issues,  Parent/Child Interaction, Attachment Based, Gender Identity Evaluation, Solutions Focused, Narrative, Play THerapy, Person Centered, Existential, Strengths Based, Art Therapy, CBT, Brief, Reality, Expressive Arts, Emotionally Focused, Experiential, Group.


Salmon Creek, Schools and Telehealth
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