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Noura Pyami

photo of Noura Pyami, Intern

Noura Pyami, Intern

Clinical Intern

Intern Supervisor: Amy Perry


Noura Pyami is an intern clinical counselor with more than 10 years of experience in the psychology related field. Her specialties include personal, family, adolescence, relationship/ Couples and refugees therapy. Noura received her bachelor degree in general psychology from BIHE and is in her last year of her master program in Mental Health clinical counseling from Grand Canyon University. She is a professor at BIHE teaching psychology courses to undergraduate students. She has helped thousands of individuals in the United States and international refugees from Iran, Afghanistan,Turkey, India and Ukraine. She has worked with related companies for more than 10 years and has experience of successful management, effective teamwork and rewarding outcomes. Noura Pyami is providing individual/ Couples and group therapies internationally with the aim to empower individuals, kids, couples and families to have a healthy mental health and fulfilling happy life.  

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Areas Of Focus

Couples, Families, Anxiety, Adoption, Marriage/Couples, Elderly Issues, Peer Struggles, Refugee, Trauma, Blended Family, Family, Autism, Career Counseling, Woman's Issues, Faith Based ; Parent/Child Interaction, Solutions Focused, Family/Family Systems, Play Therapy, Strengths Based, Group, Art Therapy, CPT, Reality.


East Vancouver and Telehealth
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