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Nathira Janusson, LICSW

photo of Nathira Janusson, LICSW

Nathira Janusson, LICSW



Passionate about holistic healing and optimal functioning, I am dedicated to bringing these principles to our therapeutic relationship as your mental health therapist. Together, we will explore evidence-based therapeutic modalities to identify interventions and develop strategies to overcome challenges and barriers, allowing you to become the best version of yourself. As your guide on this transformative journey, I deeply value and respect your expertise in your own life, and our time together will be characterized by a safe, non-judgmental, and empowering environment where growth and healing will flourish.
With over two decades of experience in the mental health field, I have had the privilege of serving individuals, families, and communities in various roles. I spent a significant portion of my career as a Child and Family Therapist, working closely with young people and their families to navigate complex emotional, behavioral, and relational challenges. This experience allowed me to witness the incredible resilience and capacity for growth that resides within each person. Additionally, I have served as a Clinical Supervisor, providing guidance and support to fellow clinicians as they navigate their own therapeutic journeys with clients. This role has further enriched my understanding of the intricate dynamics involved in the therapeutic process.
In my work as a state social worker with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), I gained valuable insights into the broader systems and structures that influence individuals' well-being. This experience equipped me with a comprehensive perspective on how to effectively advocate for the needs and rights of children and families, particularly those facing adversity or challenging circumstances. As a designated crisis responder (DCR/DMHP), I have worked alongside emergency response teams to provide immediate support and interventions during times of acute mental health crises. This experience has sharpened my ability to remain calm, compassionate, and solution-focused in high-stress situations.
Furthermore, my role as a Medical Social Worker in the emergency departments of Peacehealth and Providence hospitals allowed me to witness firsthand the interconnectedness of mental health and physical well-being. Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, I provided holistic care to individuals experiencing both medical and psychological challenges. This experience solidified my belief in the power of integrating mind, body, and spirit in the healing process.
Throughout my career, I have actively pursued ongoing professional development and education to ensure the highest standard of care for my clients. I hold a Master's of Social Work (MSW) degree, which has provided me with a strong foundation in theory, research, and ethical practice. Additionally, I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in WA state, which further reflects my commitment to upholding professional standards and promoting the well-being of those I serve. I am also credentialed as a Mental Health Professional (MHP) and a Child Mental Health Specialist (CMHS), underscoring my specialized expertise in working with individuals and families.
Your well-being is at the heart of my practice, and I am honored to be a part of your transformative journey toward optimal functioning and holistic mental health. I understand that seeking therapy takes courage, and I am here to provide a safe space where you can express yourself openly and without fear of judgment. Your unique experiences, perspectives, and values will be respected and honored throughout our work together. Your resilience and capacity for growth are remarkable, and I am excited to witness the positive transformations that await you.  
Thank you for considering me as your mental health therapist. I look forward to building a strong therapeutic relationship and embarking on this meaningful and empowering journey with you.

Favorite Movie:  Memoirs of a Geisha
Favorite Book:  It's 2 genres...historical fiction and psychological thrillers
Superhero:  My daughter.  The actual Superheroes just haven't fully worked for me but I do admire Dark Knight Bat Man and Wolverine.

Areas Of Focus

Family therapy, relationship issues, career counseling, premarital, divorse, betrayal, developmental delays, suicidal ideation, life transitions, school issues, spirituality, sex assault/abuse, sleep disorders, faith based, communication issues, state dependent (DCYF) Dual Disorders, Anxiety, Adoption, Elderly Issues, Peer Struggles, Domestic Violence, Trauma, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Depression, Psychosis, Grief/Loss, Personality Disorders, Disociative Disorders, Womans Issues ; ACT, Attachment Based, Psychodynamic, Solutions Focused, Narrative, Emotionally Focused, Family Systems, Person Centered, Positive Psychology, Existential, Strengths Based, CBT, MI, Brief, Reality, Expressive Arts


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