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Debbie Quinteros, Clinical Graduate Intern

photo of Debbie Quinteros, Intern

Debbie Quinteros, Intern

Clinical Intern

Intern Supervisor: Eve Parker


I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University of Northridge (CSUN)
and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Social Work from the same institution. My
commitment to the field of mental health and human services is underscored by my diverse
professional experience.
After completing my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a behavior technician, providing therapeutic
behavioral services to individuals aged 24 months to 18 years diagnosed with autism spectrum
disorder. Subsequently, I dedicated seven years to the emergency mental health sector within a
Department of Mental Health clinic in Los Angeles, where I provided patient-centered care to
marginalized populations and prioritized mental health education and awareness.
I have currently also expanded my expertise into the healthcare sector, I ventured into case
management services for newly diagnosed oncology patients. In this role, I offer guidance and
advocacy, ensuring that patients receive the necessary support and resources throughout their
cancer journey.
I am currently a valued member of the Real Life Counseling team, working under the clinical
supervision of Eve Parker, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. My counseling
approach is deeply rooted in being client-centered and strength-based. I firmly believe in the
profound potential for positive change within each individual. My commitment is unwavering in
creating a safe, empathetic space that allows for the open exploration of thoughts, feelings, and
experiences. Guided by principles of holistic well-being, mindfulness, and self-reflection, I
perceive counseling as a collaborative effort. I hold a strong belief in the expertise of my clients,
and my role as a counselor is to provide attentive listening, support, and guidance as we
navigate their unique challenges together.
In addition to my professional background, my Earth-based spirituality practice plays a pivotal
role in shaping my holistic approach to counseling. Grounded in the belief in the
interconnectedness of all things, this spiritual aspect of my life infuses my practice with a deep
respect for diversity, a commitment to environmental mindfulness, and a recognition of the
significance of fostering a sense of connection and belonging in the therapeutic process.
In collaboration with my clients, we explore strategies and actions aligned with their values to
develop personalized plans that address individual goals and aspirations. My counseling
approach focuses on recognizing strengths, identifying needs, understanding conflicts,
discovering new options, and making informed choices congruent with client values.
I am honored to bring my rich background in psychology, social work, and diverse professional
experiences to Real Life Counseling. My commitment to fostering positive change, client-
centered care, and a holistic approach is the cornerstone of my counseling philosophy. As a
valued member of the Real Life Counseling team, I am eager to continue collaborating under

the guidance of clinical supervision by Eve Parker, contributing my skills and perspectives to
support individuals in their unique journeys.

Areas Of Focus

Anxiety, LGBTQ+, Developmental Delay, Trauma, Autism, ADHD, Grief/Loss, Chronic Pain/Illness, Peer Struggles, Domestic Violence, Refugee, Tribal, Employment Related, Career Counseling, Woman’s Issues; Parent/Child Interaction, Person Centered, Art Therapy, Solutions Focused, Narrative, Strengths Based, Expressive Arts, Emotionally Focused.


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