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Posts about Children Issues:

A small child with dark hair and eyes smiling with their hand up against a backdrop of a cityscape seen through a large window

How Does Co-Parenting Counseling Work?

Parenting isn’t easy, especially if you are in a co-parenting situation. It can be difficult to effectively communicate with a previous partner about your child’s wellbeing without letting emotions...

Two parents smiling with their children on their laps talking to a counselor in a therapy setting.

Parent Goal Setting Makes Better Parents

I’ll remain calm at all times. School lunch boxes will contain only organic food. There will be less Minecraft and more actual craft. I’m not going to react (next time) when my son chases the cat...

A child wearing a green jacket asleep in a pile of fall leaves.

Step-Dads Back to School – What a Relief!

Guys, what did you do for your summer vacation? Ask any kid in a step family and your own answer may pale in comparison. From “Oh, I spent a couple of weeks with my dad and step mom. I was excited...

A person in silhouette with their arms up in a victorious gesture stands on the side of a mountain at sunset.

Therapy Focused on Empowering and Change

In Hebrews 11:8,

Abraham obeys when he is called out from his home by God, even though this must have been difficult for him not knowing exactly where he was being sent. God, sometimes calls on us...