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RLC 1099 Independent Clinical Contractor

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Real Life Counseling is a private practice in Clark County, WA. It provides mental health outpatient therapy in a private practice setting, utilizing in-office and tele-health/virtual services. We work with clients utilizing a combination of Medicaid/Medicare Funded Insurances, Private Insurances, and Private Pay. 


1099 Independent Clinical Contractor Benefits

    1. Collect a contracted percentage of all session income collected, including a capped amount that allows you to collect 100% of the session fee when you exceed a monthly financial minimum.  Our contracted fee percentage is adjusted depending upon your use of our office space or, providing all sessions virtually.   
    2. RLC will credential you with all of our contracted major insurances
    3. RLC will coordinate and provide you with a consistent flow of referrals so you can maintain the size of caseload that meets your professional and personal needs/goals. 
    4. RLC will complete the billing process for all completed sessions, including navigating unexpected billing barriers on your behalf.
    5. Provide you with all you need for a practice location & services including; Furnished office (it is expected that all clinicians using our office space use it for at least 75% of actual sessions - meaning, for every four hours of requested office space you would be completing 3 sessions); Business Email; RLC Google Workspace platform that includes all their applications including our Virtual Session platform of Google Meets; An EHR system that is designed by counselors, for counselors that includes scheduling, billing, client portal and documentation.  Our EHR is structured and built to support your documentation to mitigate insurance take backs and make the occasional records request easy and simple; 
    6. You can opt into our contracted Medical Benefits at cost.  RLC does offer to cover 50% of your contracted medical cost for the months in which you exceed cap.    
    7. Flexibility and independence with your schedule as there is no minimum or maximum thresholds.  As a 1099 Independent Clinical Contractor, you set your own schedule and this can serve as your primary practice location or supplemental one. 
    8. Financial flexibility - work as little or as much as you prefer, designing a workload that meets your own financial goals. 
    9. RLC also has a large, established intern program with connections to most local clinical graduate programs/schools.  For those qualified, you could apply to contract as an Intern Supervisor for additional income and expansion of your clinical career. 

Qualifications and Contract Expectations

    1. Qualifying Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) or Counseling (MA/MAC) that allows you to be a Licensed provider within Washington State (Mental Health Counseling -LMHC, Social Work -LICSW, Marriage and Family -LMFTA).  
    2. Must have and maintain an active and in good standing qualifying practice license from Washington State. This includes adhering to both the Ethical and Legal requirements to provide mental health counseling within WA State.  This also includes having no history of documented and verified complaints within any of the states you hold a practicing license.
    3. Must have and maintain an active Washington state business license and associated Federal Employment Identification Number (EIN). 
    4. Must have and maintain active Practice Liability Insurance
    5. Must have at least 2 practice references verifying your integral and ethical approach to providing mental health services
    6. Must have reliable transportation.
    7. Be team player/worker - 1099 Clinicians partner with our Admin team in completing the administrative areas of our services 
    8. Be able to provide services professionally in both office and tele-health/virtual settings.
    9. 1099 Clinical Contractors must successfully complete and pass a background check, prior to being offered employment due to the job working and interacting with clients and medical information.   1099 Clinical Contractors must also not be on the Federal Excluded Providers List (LEIE).
    10. Harmonize with the values and culture of RLC

1099 Independent Clinical Contractor Expectations

  1. That you will provide integral, legal and ethical mental health services to the clients contacting Real Life Counseling.  
  2. That you would abide by Washington State Law and Regulations (WAC/RCW) in providing therapy, including maintaining up to date documentation. 
  3. That you would abide by the Ethical Standards as outlined within the Association connected to your degree and/or license (ACA, NASW, AAMFT).
  4. That you would interact with other 1099 Independent Clinical Contractors and our Administrative staff in a way that aligns our RLC culture and values.
  5. We expect all 1099 Independent Clinical Contractors to maintain their contracted agreements.  


    1. Our Clinical Spaces are staffed by our Administrative Team Monday thru Friday, 9am - 5pm.  But, 1099 Independent Clinical Contractors can set their own schedules that can be outside of our Administrative team's hours.  Evenings and weekends are available for those who prefer that time. 

Work Conditions

    1. RLC has multiple locations throughout Clark County.  Depending upon office space availability, RLC can work to customize a schedule and location of your preference.    

COVID-19/Pandemic Precautions (when applicable)

  1. Telehealth Options as needed 
  2. Personal Protective Equipment required for in person sessions when mandated by the state and follows CDC guidelines. 
  3. RLC/RLCBH provides a system of navigating COVID related barriers, offering Telehealth options to all clients (when exposed or quarantining) and clinicians (if they’ve been exposed or tested positive).

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