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Julie McDonald, LMHCA

photo of Julie McDonald, LMHCA

Julie McDonald, LMHCA



Julie is a holistic therapist that integrates mind, body and spirit into therapy. She has an 
authentic, warm personality and provides a calm, cozy, relaxing counseling space where her clients can thrive. Julie 
has experience in a variety of treatment modalities, but specializes in somatic therapies that include breathwork, 
meditation, movement, and trauma conscious yoga. Julie incorporates culture into treatment and practices cultural 
humility as a life principal. Alfred Adler (19th century psychotherapist) states, "People are self-determined contributors 
 influencing their future, striving towards their ideal self." Julie provides her clients a safe space where they can 
explore their emotions, values, culture, and worldview while working towards reaching their personal goals. 

Areas Of Focus

Anxiety, Trauma, Multicultural, Attachment; Dynamic Attachment, Somatic Therapy, yoga/meditation/breath-work/mindfulness, Racial/Ethnic Stress 


East Vancouver and Telehealth
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