Insurance & Payment Options


The rates at Real Life Counseling vary with each of our counselors. Many of our providers are able to accept your insurance benefits as either in-network.


Your first task, if you are insured, is to find out what mental health benefits you may have. You have two options for verifying your coverage.

  1. Call your insurance provider, or go to their website (listed on the back of your insurance card) to discover whether you have mental health benefits.
  2. Fill out a get started form to see if we have any providers in-network and available to take on new clients.
  3. With the standard insurance rate, we do all the required billing to your insurance company and wait for their reimbursement. You pay the copay or deductible at the time of the session.

If you have mental health benefits, you need to know several things:

  1. If an authorization from your insurance company is needed
  2. What your copay is
  3. What your deductible is
  4. What the session limit is( do we want to keep these 3)
  5. For more information about how insurance works

Here is a list of the major insurance companies Please note our providers are not paneled with every insurance company. Please fill out one of our getting started forms to begin being paired with a provider that is paneled with your health insurance plan and may meet your needs.



First Choice Health




Pacific Source


Regence Blue Cross

Cash, Check, or Credit/Debit Card

Paying directly for your counseling has several advantages.

Each provider is an independent contractor and has their own Cash rates.

  1. Direct payment may be less expensive.
  2. You have more privacy because we will not have to provide mental health records to your insurance company regarding your diagnosis or treatment in order to process the claim.
  3. Your counseling will not impact future coverage decisions for health care, life insurance, or legal insurance.
  4. You are free of any limits that the insurance company may impose regarding your treatment.

Thank you for your interest in Real Life Counseling.

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