Counseling for Children

At Real Life Counseling, we know that families face all kinds of challenges.  We know that some children act out more than others, and that even though you try to raise siblings the same it doesn’t work out that way.  We also know that growing a family to include children creates a whole new world of challenges that some parents never see coming.  Children can be the light of our world, but they can also cause a lot of stress when new problem behaviors appear, or when our kids start saying things about how they feel about themselves and their world that make us, as parents, feel uncomfortable or lost.

Developing Skills Together

At Real Life Counseling, when you come in with your young child you can expect to be fully involved in their therapy.  We’ll work with you to set goals that you want to accomplish for your family so you can find peace in your home, and raise resilient kids that thrive in the face of adversity. You’ll leave with skills to build connection and love in your family so that you can face the stress of real life, and the trauma of major life events with increased confidence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and empower change in our clients.  We focus on guiding our clients to rally their strengths, discover new strengths and ideas so that you can first overcome and second reach your goals.   If we can help, then please contact us, click here, so you can either give us a call or send us an email.

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