Will I get a diagnosis when I go to counseling?

Many people wonder if they will receive a formal diagnosis when they come in for counseling.  The answer is maybe.  Counselors are not required to give a formal diagnosis unless they are billing your insurance.  However, almost all insurance companies require a formal diagnosis if you want to use your insurance to pay for all or part of counseling services.  Insurance companies want to know there is what’s called “medical necessity.”   Medical necessity means the person being evaluated meets criteria for a psychological disorder as assessed by a licensed mental health professional.  The term “psychological disorder” may sound scary, but your counselor will walk you through what that might mean for you and it can refer to very common difficulties people face such as anxiety, depression, or difficulty adjusting to challenging life circumstances. Basically, insurance companies want to know counseling is a needed and appropriate course of treatment based on what you’re experiencing.

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