What is spiritual counseling

A client may want to pursue spiritual counseling if they are struggling with their faith journey.  When one goes through struggles it is not uncommon to begin to doubt or pull away from their faith.  A client may even desire spiritual counseling to strengthen where they are in their faith.

Spiritual counseling and religious counseling can be confused.  Both have views on nature and the universe, but religion has a specific set of beliefs on creation and has a moral code and rituals. Spirituality cast a wider net that includes all religions and belief systems.  It helps address some of life’s bigger questions.

A Spiritual counselor addresses the soul, rather than the mind, as its starting point of balance. Unlike a Christian counselor, a spiritual counselor may not be a part of a religious denomination. Spiritual counselors can help people reach a state of awareness and self- realization. With encouragement from the counselor, a person can tap into their own strengths and gifts to become the best they can be. Spiritual counseling can also help clients realize how we are all connected.  Also, it shows how our thoughts, words, and actions impact our complete person. Spiritual counseling can help a client find a greater purpose for their life as well as help them manage struggles with anxiety, depression, in their relationships, past traumas or grief.

Along the therapeutic journey, a spiritual counselor can help bring a client to a higher sense of enlightenment. They can offer guidance in recognizing past life pattern and challenges.  They can also assist in helping a client make a positive shift in their perspective.

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