How many sessions do I need to go to?

What’s the Magic Number?

Going into therapy there is no set number of how many sessions it will take to get to a place where a client feels ready to fly solo.  Even if a client has made significant progress and is feeling better, there may be life situations that still need to be managed before terminating therapy.

There are some key components to decipher the number of sessions that will be needed.  The theory of the therapist can determine how long therapy will go.  Some theories such as solution focused could take 4-6 sessions, while an analytical therapist may take a year.  With insurance companies or one’s willingness to pay out of pocket being a part of the equation, this will play into a therapist a client should choose.

The type of issues that a client is dealing with determines the length of therapy.  I client struggling with depression after a loss of a job may take fewer sessions than a client that endured extreme abuse during their childhood.  The length the client has been experiencing symptoms will also impact the number of sessions.

The client themselves determines the number of sessions.  The client will come into treatment with goals.  What goals and the determination of the client to achieve them will impact the length of treatment.

In most cases, a client will have a weekly session.  This schedule will be determined by the client and the counselor.  Clients dealing with less intense issues may come weekly for a month then drop to every other week then to once a month.  For more significant issues, a client may come in once a week for 6 months to a year.  After termination clients may come back a few times a year to do a check in making sure they are staying on course.

There are several factors to how long a client will receive counseling.  Each person goes at their own pace.  It is important not to rush, healing comes at different times for different people.

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