How Do I find the Right Therapist

Finding the right care provider can be like finding a needle in a hay stack.  There are online reviews and a provider’s education and experience, but that is not the insight that is most needed to find a therapist that will be a good fit.

It is always an option to call your insurance company and ask for a referral.  This is much more of a gamble to find a solid fit, but it may be the only option available.  One of the best ways is to ask friends that have a therapist to ask their provider for recommendations. The best insight into a therapist is one of their colleague’s reviews.

When looking for the right therapist it is appropriate to interview a possible provider.  This can be done over the phone or during an intake session.  This allows a client to get a feel for how therapy will progress and will set the foundation for the client counselor relationship. If it isn’t a good fit it is ok to look at other options.

A few questions that would be good to pose to a therapist is what is their theory and approach to healing.  If a client feels comfortable with a counselor’s approach that is a good first step.  It is important to ask a counselor how they will handle feedback or how they would handle a mistake in session or with scheduling.  Another quality question is to see if the therapist seeks out consultation from other colleagues.  It is important that a therapist does not do treatment in a vacuum.  All therapist can benefit from other therapist insight and experience.  It is also important to ask the counselor if they have seen a therapist.  If a client hasn’t done their own work and gone through the counseling process themselves, it would be a challenge for them to relate to the client’s experience.

The most crucial piece is doing you feel comfortable sitting across from the therapist.  If something is telling you it is not a good fit, trust that instinct.  You may not find an absolute answer after the first session, but if after a few visits there are still questions it is appropriate to discuss how you are feeling with the therapist. It is their job to meet your needs and answer your questions.

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