How do I end Counseling?

The End of the Road.

Counseling will come to an end whether it’s after two week or 2 years.   It is important to bring into session the feelings surrounding termination.

A client may choose to leave counseling before their goals are met.  They might not feel the connection to the therapist or feel stuck.  If is common in the process of counseling to feel uncomfortable when making changes.  A client may want to terminate counseling to avoid discomfort.  Whatever the reason, it is good practice to talk to the counselor about it.  A client may not want to hurt a therapist feelings.  The thing is therapists are trained to take this form of feedback.  They rather a client brings forth an issue instead of stopping therapy abruptly.

It is important to talk about termination well before it happens.  It is important not to end counseling abruptly.  There will be no sense of closure.  It is best practice for a therapist to begin talking about termination 6-4 weeks ahead of time.  This allows the client to wrap up their final goals as well as take the proper steps to saying goodbye.  Most endings are negative like death or divorce.  It is important to end counseling that makes it feel more like a graduation, not a desertion.

In any case, communicate in person and be upfront and honest.  A counselor wants you to leave counseling with a sense of accomplishment by reaching your goals or if there is an issue early on the counselor wants to be able to assist the client by referring them to someone that will be a good fit.

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