What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling may be misunderstood at times. Christian counseling focuses on a few main principles that are different from traditional counseling. It focuses on the care of the whole person, body, soul, and spirit and maintains the values taught in the bible. The goal of Christian counseling is to help people regain a sense of hope for their life that is found in Jesus Christ. A client may think that the use of scripture is the only component to a session.  Christian counselors use both the disciplines of theology as well as psychology.  Christian counseling practitioners intertwine biblical scripture and teachings to help guide their clients through tough issues. Some clients look to strengthen their faith during a time of struggle leading to reaching out to a Christian counselor.

During the midst of pain, people are searching for answers such as, why am I suffering, what is the meaning of my life. Christian counseling will focus on helping clients achieve a better understanding of themselves and their relationship to God while using counseling concepts to overcome anxiety, depression, grief, problems in their relationships, and past/present trauma.   Christian counseling allows a client to connect their mental health treatment with their faith creating a more holistic approach to therapy.

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