What is Brief Intervention

Let me keep this brief.

It is not uncommon to have a mental health issue that needs a quick and immediate

course of action. Brief interventions are a useful component of a full spectrum of treatment options; they are particularly valuable when more extensive treatments are unavailable or a client is resistant to such treatment. Brief intervention is a technique used to initiate change for an unhealthy or risky behavior.  These types of behavior may include severe alcohol consumption or self-harm.

This format is used for a variety of substance and helps a client stop abuse and get them directed to the treatment process.  There are brief interventions that can be helpful including attending groups sessions or doing homework assigned by a therapist. Brief interventions can also help in specific family issues, personal finance problems or work attendance. No matter what issue a client presents the main focus is to reduce the risk of harm to a client, their family or the community.

There is a difference between brief intervention and brief therapy.  Brief interventions, a set of 15-30 minute activities focusing on reducing a specific thoughts or behaviors or situations.  While Brief therapy targets larger issues, focus on on the present and includes a set of 6-8 sessions.

Brief therapy has become more common with the changes within the medical system.  With medical and mental health providers being encouraged to keep costs down and fewer sessions being allowed by insurance companies, brief therapy is able to help a client in a significant way in a shorter amount of time.

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