Counselor Trudy Ferguson

My name is Trudy Ferguson. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Real Life Counseling. My approach is to work together with you to foster a trusting environment from which growth and healing may occur.

I help you to clarify your goals and to recognize and build upon the strengths that you already possess. I offer you an opportunity to learn about therapeutic approaches and collaboratively decide which model works best for you. I work with couples to improve their communications skills and to build more loving, supportive, and satisfying relationships. I have experience helping clients overcome issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, dysfunctional family dynamics, and past hurts.

I am passionate about helping couples, individuals, families, and children discover new hope and manage life well. It takes courage to take the first step and reach out for support and guidance. Together we can find solutions to your real-life challenges.

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