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Hello everyone, my name is David Taub. I am a Counseling Associate with Real Life Counseling. I received my undergraduate degrees from WSU obtaining a bachelor’s in human development with minors in addictive studies and psychology. I received my Master’s degree in social work from Eastern Washington University. While attending Eastern, I got the awesome opportunity to do a two-year internship here at Real Life Counseling and stayed on as a junior associate working towards licensure in total I have been with here for 3 1/2 years. I currently hold an associate’s license as both a mental health counselor and a social worker.

I work primarily with people ages 12 and up. I have a strong ability to connect with teenagers and really enjoy working with them. I love the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of building strong young men and women. I believe that no matter what the beginning of your story is working together we can rewrite the narrative turn tragedy into strengths and plan a new trajectory for your story ending. I have found trauma is at the base of the reasoning why most people seek out therapy. Consequently, I practice from a strong Trauma-Focused Cognitive Base Theory. Not to say this is the only theory that I use but it is definitely my roots.

Before coming to Real Life Counseling, I worked in the child welfare arena. I work with agencies that provide support services to those involved in child welfare services. For the last five years, while also working at Real Life, I worked under contract with the Washington State Office of Public Defense as an independent investigative social worker. Working directly under the parent’s attorneys as part of the legal team. This has been very rewarding as I have had the opportunity to help many families reunite. Family reunification is one of my biggest passions. As such I am currently certified to teach seven different parenting curriculums. I currently offer a class called Nurturing Parent and Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery. Along my journey, I have also co-facilitated a class in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Little about me personally. I have lived, what some would call, a very colorful life. I have made many mistakes along the way these mistakes have taught me resiliency and have driven me towards a strong faith in God. I am a single father of the now17-year-old son and have raised him his entire life by myself. He is the most important thing in my world.

If I had sat down when I was 20 and planned out what my life would look like then it definitely would not be anything like the crazy roller coaster is turned out to be. I wouldn’t change anything as my experiences have brought me to be right where I’m supposed to be today.

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