Counselor Brooke Enriquez

I believe that each individual is an expert concerning their own lives and circumstances as, well as owning a unique blend of strengths and intelligences that should be honored. In joining with me, my education and experience in scientifically and socially proven techniques and practices will help to enhance your relationships and bring you to a place of greater peace and satisfaction. I offer my compassion, hope, and tools to help you met your goals, find your harmony, and recreate meaning.

I enjoy working with couples and families. I am particularly fond of the world-renowned Gottman Institute’s philosophies and practices, as they are thoroughly investigated, time tested, and candid. I also enjoy helping individuals who have relationship issues involving a spouse, co-worker, sibling, or parent (etc.). I have experience with individuals whose significant others have personality disorders.
I have worked with many children/adolescents and their parents/caregivers. These families have represented a wide range of issues, from simply living through trying circumstances to those with acute behavioral issues. I believe that parental involvement in the counseling of youth is an essential component.

I hold a Master’s of Science in Professional Counseling, as well as degrees in Psychology and Child Development. I am married and have four children (two of each gender) ages young adult through pre- teen. I enjoy volunteering both as an individual and with my family in my spare time, as well as being an avid reader about relationships and personalities.

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