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Life/Relationship Coach Brenda Stuart

As part of her coaching, Brenda’s motivation is for her clients to experience their “ah ha!” moments. At that moment when a new awareness becomes apparent, that is a win! The client is now empowered to make the appropriate changes they need to make. Brenda’s enthusiasm for the process just makes it that much more of a win!

Brenda Stuart has been working with teams in the profit and non-profit world for over 10 years. She will work in any team environment and is committed to bringing out the best in everyone. Without mincing words, Brenda’s style of training is hard-hitting, fun and impactful. She is all about getting the results that will benefit your team members and will work with you to achieve those goals.

What are the benefits of hiring a coach?

  • You start taking more effective and focused actions immediately.
  • You stop putting up with petty annoyances.
  • You create momentum so it’s easier to get results.
  • You set better goals that are based on what you really want.
  • You have more time and energy because you know where you are going.

Brenda lives in Clark County, Washington with her husband, Gil. She toured with Ice Capades and was an ice skating coach for years. Brenda is an author and international speaker on relationships and is a Certified Life Coach. Brenda is available to speak at corporate, nonprofit and women’s events.

What makes Brenda Stuart a great coach is her ability to ask the tough questions, get results and she is a safe place…I trust her.” – Current Client

Brenda, thank you for our coaching sessions. You have helped me move forward and given me the skills to do it on my own. You were empathetic and kept me on track too!” – Current Client

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